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Stop Wasting Food!- International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste 2022

#StopFoodWaste!ForPeopleandPlanet! The prevention of food loss and food waste is an integral pillar in the attainment of food security and nutrition. In a world where more than 800 million people are at daily risk of starvation, food loss from harvesting to retail claims about 14% of the problem. Another 17% is food waste at retail…

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World Water Day 2022

Groundwater, making the invisible visible Approximately 2.2 billion people have no access to clean drinking water today. This has been a problem for a very long time and it continues to persist and worsen by the day. It is on this day, 22nd March, that we raise awareness about this issue and the need to…

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International Day of Forests 2022

“Forests and sustainable production and consumption” Today is the International Day of Forests, and as a player in the fisheries industry, we have some pointers on how forests play into activities in this industry. The world has always been changing, and for the last few centuries, it has not always been for the better. Climate…

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Good Hatchery Practices  

As mentioned in a previous article here, Good Practices is a concept that spans across different industries, and these practices ensure there is efficiency and responsibility in production and that the outputs of the industry in question are safe and of good quality. Aquaculture establishments need to ensure their operations are in line with Good…

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We are a government institution under the Kenya Fisheries Service. We are a cold water fisheries demonstration center focusing on the propagation of rainbow trout. Welcome aboard.

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