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Leading the Way in Rainbow Trout Production…

Having been in existence for the last 73 years, The National Trout Hatchery- Kiganjo excels as a demonstration center for Rainbow Trout production and a cold water fisheries management institution.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in cold water fisheries in the Eastern Africa Region.

Our Mission

To facilitate effective and efficient sustainable management of cold water fishery resources and products for accelerated social economic development.


What We Do

Officers Stripping Eggs at a Hatchery

We manage two main hatcheries; from which we produce fingerlings from our own brood stock. We supply fingerlings to farmers all over the country.

Our Station Hall. Perfect for Conducting Trainings

We have an excellent hall that we allow different stakeholders to rent at affordable rates.

Growers Feeds Produced Onsite

We also excel in the production of trout feeds, which we sell to trout farmers countrywide.

Outside the Eatery and Market Outlet at Our Station

We have an excellent market outlet located at the station, where consumers get to sample what our station has to offer. You really should try us.

Gutted and Cleaned Table Size Trout

We grow out some of our fingerlings to table size fish, which we sell at our rearing farm to local consumers.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Learning about Rainbow Trout

We allow for educational visits at our facility. We also offer recreational services; providing grounds for weddings, picnics and other ceremonies.

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Our Capacity


Table Size Fish



12 Tons/Year

Trout Fish Feeds

Stick Around

We are intent on serving the interests of the public as a government institution. Below are our core values.

  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Good Corporate governance
  • Team spirit and teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Customer service
  • Responsible corporate citizenship and strong social responsibility
  • Respect for and conservation of the environment

National Trout Hatchery

The National Trout Hatchery is a government institution under the Kenya Fisheries Service. We are a cold water fisheries demonstration center focusing on the propagation of rainbow trout. We sell table size fish, trout fingerlings and trout fish feed too. 

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